Friday, August 12, 2011

Our trip....

As salam... 

memula aku nak mtk maaf sgt kt abby, shat & ira... sbb ak xdpt join korg g skytrex & xberapa melayan korg... sbb nya ak bz sgt kje... hp pn entah ke mana.. aku tau gaks korg berbuka sesma mase birthday abby... but its ok.. ak xkecik or ambik hati sbb korg xbg tau ak... sbb aku tau klu korg bg tau pun blm tentu aku blh g kan.. so (^_^)v... kembali pd topik kita... aku nak post sedikit psl holiday trip yg dh drancang lama dlu... so jom explore.................

Ini cadangan dari virtual tourist
Day 1:
Handicraft Market or the local calls it "Pasar Filipin".
Sabah Museum. They have a park next to it that has a variety of traditional houses of different ethnic group of Sabah.
Dinner: You may want to go check out the seafood grill / waterfront restaurants, near the handicraft market.

Day 2:
Knabalu Park. It takes about 2 hours from KK if you don't stop along the way to take pictures or buy stuffs from the stalls of the local villages.
The market at Kundasang. You can find stuffs like vege (not that you'll be buying any), roses and even honey.
Go to Poring Hotspring. You can relax at the spring, both public pool or private bath...or check out the canopy walk. The view from up the Mengaris trees are really to die for....or you can make a short trek to the Kipungit Fall and take a dip in the cold mountain fall.

Day 3:
Island hopping at the Tuanku Abd Rahman marine park. You can either go to one island & hang out there for the entire day or visit several islands.

Day 4:
Travel to Kudat (about 3 hours from KK) and visit Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. That's the northern most point of Borneo island. There's a monument there to mark the point...but I would go to the beach next to it. It's quiet and beautiful.
Sambil2 tue jom layan gambar2 yg aku & uncle G cari nie.....
Jesselton, Sabah
City Of Kota Kinabalu
Filipino Market
xsabo... hehehe... tp kne cari duit byk2 so nant blh shopping... bak kata Ira.. kita kan nk g holiday pe slh nya spend skit.. hahahaha... so chow dlu ek... daaa....